Jean Marc Eynaud Architects have been actively involved for the past 30 years designing ‘tropical buildings’ mainly in Mauritius and the Seychelles.


Over the years, we have specialized on ‘HOTEL & LEISURE ARCHITECTURE’ offering personalized services to our clients, thus achieving exclusivity in our designs.


Our philosophy of ‘design’ in a tropical environment is to integrate the buildings within the natural setting and landscape by using mainly natural materials together with ‘water’ as a strong element in our design process.


We firmly believe that our buildings must reflect a strong SENSE OF PLACE guided by the sensitivity to the culture and climate of the land.


Jean Marc Eynaud Architects operates under the company “Indian Ocean Architectural Services Ltd” for projects outside of Mauritius and offer the following services:
1. Concept Design
2. Detailed Design (Plans, Sections, Elevations and Openings schedules) in sufficient detail for the calling of “tenders” and the preparation of “Bill of Quantities”.
3. Site supervision and subsequent associated detailing (To be arranged with local architects depending on the project location).